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SOC marketing tools and training by Benjamin Fitts


Ben FittsHi,

I’m Benjamin Fitts. Everyone just calls me Ben, or Jett James (but that’s another story for another time!)

Some people have talents at speaking to strangers. Others are great public speakers and presenters. Some are great trainers. I’m a systems guy. Before I was in SendOutCards I was a web developer. I decided to make these tools to help my team so they wouldn’t have to. They could simply GET TO WORK right away!

These unofficial SendOutCards marketing tools were created to help you promote your SOC business. They were created to be generic tools that don’t mention the company by name. That way we can have a little more freedom in how we promote our web sites. You don’t have to ask for company approval to use them. They are in compliance. Most of the web pages have been through compliance two or three times.

Our goal is to help you capture the prospect information as soon as possible. Then we show them the videos or take them to your SOC web site AFTER they ask for more information. This way you can follow up with them even if they watch the video and don’t move on to join or create a gift account. In the past you could only follow up with them if they did your gift account. Now you can answer their questions and help them get started even if they don’t finish the gift account walkthrough.

These tools are FREE to all SendOutCards reps. Originally this web site and all my marketing tools were developed for my SendOutCards team. I thought I’d provide a useful tool to help my team and maybe also make a little money on the side. Eventually Kody Bateman asked me to make my sites available totally free. I obliged. Gradually other SOC reps wanted to use the sites as well. A few even contributed content (like the fundraising web site) so I decided to make the sites available to everyone.

One of our overriding beliefs in SendOutCards is if we have the tools to succeed we will all be more successful. If we’re all more successful we’ll make more money. We forego a little bit of money in the short term from selling marketing tools to provide tools our entire team/company can use. In the long run we’ll all be more successful.

Benjamin Fitts

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